Cake in the living room

@ Café Wohnraum.
The name is inviting – Wohnraum means living room and this café is cosy and homely. Reserve a table on Sundays because many of Nippes inhabitants move their living room there to enjoy breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, sandwiches, smoothies, cake and coffee.

I did pay Café Wohnraum a visit last year but not being impressed, I didn’t bother to feature it. Since then the café has changed hands and Jennifer & Sofyen have really improved the quality of, well, everything. They have a selection of 5-8 cakes, know how to make a good coffee and I’ve heard their breakfast is grand. The girls who served us were full of smiles and ever so attentive.

I was lucky to enough to bags a table near the ceiling high window front for my cake date. It’s an old building and the ceiling goes up about 5 meters meaning the windows let in a lot of light. The red brick of the walls has been exposed and with the mix of wooden furniture, odd bits of vintage paraphernalia and large framed pictures the room looks and feels, warm and comfy. There’s even a fire place with a small sofa in front of it.

looking out window over a bench seat

I went for the devil’s food. It’s a chocolate cakes of larger proportions and it enticed me from the start. Expecting a heavy load of sweet cocoa I was pleasantly surprised how light it was. The filling between the layers had a cream cheese flavour to it. My company enjoyed the cheesecake – the cold, American, kind. That was very special with milky rather than cheese flavours, notes of vanilla and a chocolate scented base.


So there you have – Nippes is now really truly on my cake map!

For more pictures and a German description I recommend checking out the articles written by Nippes en Bloc, Blogleuk, Green Venue and Briefkastenliebe. There you’ll also find out more about their much-praised breakfast and sandwiches.

By the way: the famed Ehren Chutney is served with some of the dishes too!

Neusser Straße 314,Nippes. Lines 12, 15

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