Buttermilk Apricot at Goldjunge (golden boy)

@ Café Goldjunge

It all started with a few beers down by the river. That’s how I met Michael, one of the three founders of the Café Goldjunge. That was in summer and six months were to pass before he popped up on my radar again.

Through our first conversation I figured out, that Michael must be a rather good chef. If I remember rightly, he did some fancy cooking events and high quality catering. Naturally, I was looking forward to visiting him when I heard, from a mutual friend, that he was opening a café in Sülz.

Goldjunge opened on Saturday the 4. February. I was there the day after for a Sunday afternoon snack and cake. A pretty and charming young lady by the name of Nadja accompanied me. We arrived by tram, getting off at Sülz Lindenburg, and snapped some shots outside while the light was good before we strolled on in.

Even though Michael took about two seconds before recognition set in I was thrilled that he remembered me. He gave us a lovely warm welcome and, all the other seats being taken, showed us to a table where a couple of his friends were enjoying their own afternoon cake.

Ruth, another of the founders, took our orders. I’m remarking on that because I want to include her smile in this report. Heart felt and contagious. You see, Ruth and Michael don’t just do service, they are hosts. They understand the meaning of hospitality and show that the enjoy being hosts. The German word is Gastgeber – incidentally that’s also what Michael has under his name on his business card.

The wallpaper. I’d already glimpsed the wallpaper in photos on Facebook and was looking forward to seeing it close up. I absolutely love it! But I am sucker for geometric patterns. Take note of the light installations when you visit – copper pipes with screwed joints irrigate the room with electricity, the bulbs look like the came from Edison’s laboratory. Chairs and tables are a mix of woods and styles, comfy and homely. There’s a couple of larger ones to seat groups and over near the window a sofa and armchair to kick back and read a paper in.

clock on a wall

I like the seats at the big open window front best. The tables running down towards the back are cosy, each one lit by a golden wall lamp. There’s also seating waiting outside, whispering its promise of relaxing street side afternoons when the weather gets warmer.

The menu showed an extensive breakfast assortment (noted for another visit). For afternoon snacks, it’s the Goldjungen (Golden Boys) that go down best. These are tasty German bread rolls with different cooked fillings and toppings. Nadja and I both went the avocado cream and pan fried veges. See the photo.

Goldjunge, Breadroll with fried vege filling with small salad

I’m supposed to write about cake but if there’s one thing, other than that, I really appreciate, then it’s a good salad dressing. Or veges you can really taste. Was the Goldjunge good? Damn yea.

When we finally got around to cake we found the assortment diminished. That is to say, the ones I was eyeing up – carrot walnut and chocolate-espresso tarte, were gone. One of the guests had told me how good the chocolate espresso was. We were not to be disappointed – Michael had a specialty freshly made out back and we were some of the first to try it.

Buttermilk apricot. It’s like a baked cheesecake, but not very sweet. The shortbread dough is more savoury, spiced with Australian salt flakes, and the apricots provide the sweet factor. If you’re sweet tooth, then you’ll better off with one of the other options. This is the perfect small morsel to have with a tea or coffee when you’re hungry but don’t want big savoury snack. Very pleasant, light and tasty.

I had a relaxing afternoon at this new place in town. I’m sure you will too. If you happen to live in Sülz or Lindenthal you’re lucky.

Zülpicher Straße 282. Line 9, Stop Sülz Lindenthal.

the author sitting outside the Café Goldjunge photo courtesy of Nadja Felk

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