Coffee translation problems

Kaffeebud. This is one of those cases where I read German wrong. Bud is short for Büdchen, which is a small shop, a kiosk, similar to a dairy in New Zealand. Kaffeebud is in premises that used to be a Büdchen and the name comes from that. I, however, kept thinking of a bud, as … Continue reading Coffee translation problems

Cake in the living room

@ Café Wohnraum. The name is inviting – Wohnraum means living room and this café is cosy and homely. Reserve a table on Sundays because many of Nippes inhabitants move their living room there to enjoy breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, sandwiches, smoothies, cake and coffee. I did pay Café Wohnraum a visit last year … Continue reading Cake in the living room

Buttermilk Apricot at Goldjunge (golden boy)

@ Café Goldjunge It all started with a few beers down by the river. That’s how I met Michael, one of the three founders of the Café Goldjunge. That was in summer and six months were to pass before he popped up on my radar again. Through our first conversation I figured out, that Michael … Continue reading Buttermilk Apricot at Goldjunge (golden boy)

Nippes is calling

I’ve spent the last half a year asking around about cake in Nippes. Just recently a couple of hot hints have surfaced. A Kommode is a dresser, a chest of drawers. A Kommödchen could be a rather small dresser… …or it could be an expression for German Gemütlichkeit. I consider the Bistro Kommödchen to be … Continue reading Nippes is calling

Südstadt Gebäck goes Ehrenfeld!

Edit: Südstadt Gebäck now has it’s own home on this website! @ Weihnachtsbasar Körnerstraße This Sunday there will be a limited edition of Südstadt Gebäck (South City Baking) available at the Christmas Bazaar, Körnestr, Ehrenfeld. Look out for the Ehren Manufaktur stall – that’s where you’ll find them. Never heard of Südstadt Gebäck? I’m not … Continue reading Südstadt Gebäck goes Ehrenfeld!

Fatsch – more than cake

@Cafe Collective Fatsch Usually we exchange music tips but she’d recently caught on that I have this thing for cake. My Hairdresser, she told me about Fudge. She knew straight away that I’d misspelt it in my head. “F.A.T.S.C.H – the way you’d spell it in German”, she explained. I’ve started expanding my revere to … Continue reading Fatsch – more than cake


Heimisch (Homely). The new kid in town. The right place to go when you’re on the wrong side of the Rhine (sorry Cologne Peeps, I couldn’t resist that corny line). This is the place people are talking about. (Green Venue took some nice photos – check out her article too!) Heimisch is fabulous. I walked … Continue reading Pumpkin!

Carrot Cake

@Petit Noir… …was recommended to me in a brewing house with no name on the wrong side of the Rhine. I’d been on my first instawalk, organised by Koelnergram and was drinking beer with some Instagram Elders. The recommendation came from @lailie, she later explained that @ollili had told her of the place. Bevor I … Continue reading Carrot Cake

My 10 Food sinkholes

Instead of cake, here’s some stuff about the the author for a change. That’s me in the photo (courtesy of Andrea Ulrich) Christin von Blog-Leuk challenged me to disclose my 10 Food-Schwächen – the foody things that make me go weak at the knees and my set my mouth watering. Here you are… 1. Coffee … Continue reading My 10 Food sinkholes

Caramel Cake (the only)

You know I’ve fallen for a place when they post on facebook that there’s caramel cake and I’m there within minutes to have the first piece while it’s still warm. Oh dear, where will this end Madame Tartine? I was alerted about the caramel cake by Christin from Blog-Leuk. Just the week before we met … Continue reading Caramel Cake (the only)